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Dates: 28-29 April 2006.

Keynotes: Christopher R. Hill, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs; Peter W. Rodman, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs; and Wang Guangya, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the United Nations.

Panels: Politics and Society in China; China, the United States, and the World; U.S. Business and Government – Responding to the China Challenge; and China’s Future in the Age of Globalization.

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Media: The University of Chicago Chronicle.

Clip: “If we bring the best thinkers in the field together, we can create an outstanding environment for discussion and dialogue about China today and China tomorrow,” Michaeli said. “I believe we are bringing something extraordinary to campus.”

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Date: 10 April 2006.

Publication: The Chicago Maroon.

Author: Daniel Michaeli.

Remember this year’s protests against Japan? “China will go to war with Japan within the next two decades,” a young Chinese graphic designer told me confidently over dinner in Beijing this summer. “China is rising–and soon we will become as powerful as the United States.” This comment provoked a great deal of discussion and disagreement among that evening’s guests; whether Chinas rise will be peaceful remains a hotly disputed topic not only in the United States but in China as well. Yet no one at the table even thought to dispute Chinas status as a rising power.

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