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Here are a few other sites about Asia that may be of interest, excluding the usual suspects.

  • Asian Defense – A serious look at military and security issues across Asia.
  • AsiaEye – Blog from Project 2049 focusing on “emerging and under-noticed strategic developments.”
  • China Government Watch – A blog on Chinese political and economic affairs.
  • China Law Blog – Must-read for foreign business-owners looking to navigate Chinese business law.
  • China Observer – Joel Backeler, a friend from Beijing now in the private sector, writes on the Chinese market from a business perspective.
  • China Smack – Keep an eye on what is drawing the attention of Chinese netizens with these English translations of selected blog posts and comments.
  • Dhruva Jaishankar’s blog – Dhruva does some very good writing on South Asia issues, including Afghanistan.
  • East Asia Forum – High quality writing from the East Asian Bureau of Economic Research at Australian National University
  • Exporting China’s Development to the World – A blog on China’s development projects around the world, run jointly by anthropologists in Australia and the Netherlands.
  • The Interpreter – The blog of Australia’s Lowy Institute, about world and regional affairs.
  • Kevin Slaten’s Blog – Thoughts and ideas from another Fulbright fellow, currently in Taiwan.
  • Let the World Speak Back – Journal of two friends now traveling in India.
  • 南方周末 (Southern Weekend) – A (relatively) progressive mainland Chinese newspaper.
  • North Korea’s Central News Agency – On Twitter for your amusement, with generally innocuous but occasionally tragically false tweets like “DPRK Make Contribution to Ensuring World Food Security.”
  • Observing Japan – Writings on Japan from an MIT PhD candidate with experience in Japanese politics.
  • Pragati – An online journal on Indian strategic and economic issues.
  • Shisaku – A thoughtful blog on Japanese politics.

And some of my favorite of the usual suspects.

Visit the web site of the “China and the Future of the World” conference I organized in 2006, featuring China’s UN ambassador and U.S. assistant secretaries of state and defense. Summaries and transcripts are available here.