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Can the United States Keep China at Bay?

Southeast Asians want the United States active and engaged in the region, and the U.S. is clearly trying to deliver. But Southeast Asian countries cannot hope to receive full U.S. support in the South China Sea until they resolve ongoing disputes among themselves.

This burst of U.S. activity in Southeast Asia is, in part, a response to China’s recent assertiveness, particularly in the maritime space (more on that here). Southeast Asians hope drawing the United States more deeply into the region can help balance China’s heft in multilateral organizations and deter China from using force to resolve territorial disputes, even as Southeast Asians beef up their own defense capabilities.

Map of the South China Sea (1988). (Source: University of Texas Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection)

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Why the U.S. Must Engage ASEAN on Trade

Dick Lugar, Republican U.S. senator from Indiana, announced today that he will introduce legislation next week to ask the Obama administration to pursue free trade negotiations with ASEAN. This is good news, though the chances of successfully changing administration policy on trade are dim.

In my view, opening up trade with ASEAN is important for at least three reasons:
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