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China-Taiwan Trade Agreement Could Help Re-Integrate Taiwan in Asia
[30 June 2010, Comments Off on Progress in the Taiwan Strait, Tags: , , , , ]

Taiwan's president Ma Ying-jeou campaigned on the idea that economic growth depends upon better relations with the mainland (Photo by Daniel Michaeli, Taipei, March 2008)

An Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) between China and Taiwan was signed yesterday in Chongqing, promising a substantial boost to Taiwan’s export industry. (A Taiwan government-sponsored study claims the deal will create 260,000 jobs and add 1.7 percentage points to Taiwan’s GDP growth each year over the next seven years.) This agreement has been called a “game changer” by both proponents and opponents, though it still requires the approval of Taiwan’s legislature.

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[3 February 2010, Comments Off on Complications for the U.S. and China (Radio Interview), Tags: , , , , , , ]

Media: Colombia National Radio – “Coffee and News” Morning Show (Live).

Subjects: Sources of U.S.-China disagreement, particularly the arms sale to Taiwan and President Obama’s expected April 2010 meeting with the Dalai Lama.

Length: 9:13.

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Despite How It Looks, Everyone Wins–Even China

As usual, the Chinese government is wildly overreacting to the most recent U.S. sales of arms to Taiwan, this time threatening sanctions against involved U.S. companies. (Even though such sanctions would hurt China more than anyone else.) Today’s China Daily editorial claimed “China’s response, no matter how vehement, is justified.” But both China’s government and the Western media are missing the ways that the U.S. security relationship with Taiwan benefits all of the parties involved, including China.

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