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[28 November 2009, Comments Off on Asia Ruminations Version 2]

I spent some time over the past couple of weeks updating Asia Ruminations to make it possible for me to include a great deal more content, and a greater variety of content–such as audio and video files and PDF and PowerPoint attachments. It is now possible to email me directly from the site on the contact page, to view video and audio of media appearances on the press page, and to read through a selection of my publications and presentations, including transcripts of the “China and the Future of the World” conference I organized several years ago. Finally, I put together an assortment of links to blogs and web sites that I find interesting.

There are a couple new interviews posted from about a week and a half ago, both on President Obama’s Asia trip: one with Iceland’s national evening news and the other with an Icelandic radio show similar to NPR’s “All Things Considered.” See the press page to watch or listen.

I will post later this weekend on Manmohan Singh’s official state visit to Washington, and recent difficulties in the U.S.-India relationship. I’ll also include some personal reflections on the prime minister’s speech at the Council on Foreign Relations, which was my first time seeing the Indian PM in person.

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[27 September 2009, Comments Off on Ruminating on Asia Ruminations, Tags: , ]

Welcome to Asia Ruminations. I am a research associate at a foreign policy think tank in Washington, DC, where I spend a great deal of time contemplating the future of Asia and Asia’s future global role. My goal with this blog is to write periodically both on pressing current events and on long-term regional trends.

Learn more about me here. You can also email me.