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The China-India Relationship and the Asian Century

14 October 2009

by Daniel Michaeli

Date: 14 October 2009.

Author: Daniel Michaeli

Presentation to the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy grand strategy and South Asia discussion groups at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, DC.

My presentation began with the economic relationship between India and China, including exploring relative shares of world trade, the goods that are traded bilaterally, and trade contribution to GDP. I spoke about the bilateral political relationship, including a commitment to preventing excessive escalation and the recognition of converging interests on key global issues. After going over security concerns each country faces, I looked at India’s responses, in particular. I concluded with a bit of background and discussion of the border dispute between India and China.

Some of the more interesting and original data used in the presentation relates to the extent of India’s trade influence in Southeast and East Asia. I wrote about it in some detail in a blog post, “India Looking East: Does the East Notice?”. That post also shows the data sources for each of my charts.

Download the PowerPoint slides of my presentation in PDF form.

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