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Beijing’s Balancing Act on Climate
[24 December 2009, Comments Off on Is China Afraid of International Scrutiny?, Tags: , , , , , ]

A Foreign Policy article from earlier this week argues that China is “afraid to shine too bright a light in dark places,” revealing the corruption and disorder in most of China–and that this is why Wen Jiabao refused to subject Chinese emissions to outside scrutiny at Copenhagen. But the article’s author, John Lee of the Hudson Institute, is focusing on exactly the wrong part of the picture.

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Stance at Climate Conference Brings Costs for China

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is expected to say in a podcast that a deal at Copenhagen was “held to ransom by a handful of countries.” His climate secretary wrote, more specifically, that it was China that had “vetoed” crucial proposals the entire developed world and most of the developing world stood behind.

The Financial Times reports seeing “a more assertive China” at the summit. And at least one paper’s conclusion from Copenhagen is: “China won, the world lost.”

But did China really win? It kept the Kyoto agreement intact and avoided binding cuts, both of which helped to secure China’s policy maneuverability and economic growth prospects. Nevertheless, Chinese obstructionism–which included peculiar tactics like failing to show up to a meeting with President Obama–still carries significant costs.

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[17 November 2009, Comments Off on The U.S.-China Relationship (Radio Interview), Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ]

Media: Icelandic National Broadcasting Service – Radio 1 “Spegillinn.”

Subjects: President Obama’s trip to Shanghai and Beijing, and the U.S.-China relationship.

Length: 5:42.

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