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Beijing’s Balancing Act on Climate
[24 December 2009, Comments Off on Is China Afraid of International Scrutiny?, Tags: , , , , , ]

A Foreign Policy article from earlier this week argues that China is “afraid to shine too bright a light in dark places,” revealing the corruption and disorder in most of China–and that this is why Wen Jiabao refused to subject Chinese emissions to outside scrutiny at Copenhagen. But the article’s author, John Lee of the Hudson Institute, is focusing on exactly the wrong part of the picture.

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[9 June 2009, Comments Off on Civil Society Development in China (Television Interview) – English Version, Tags: , , , , , , ]

Media: Voice of America (Mandarin) – Issues and Opinions (时事大家谈).

Subjects: Chinese civil society development, registered and unregistered NGOs, the government role in civil society in China, and the appropriate role for Western countries in this area.

Length: 22:20.

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